Why we fix hip fractures?

There is a fracture, we need to fix it!  I have received an editorial from Drs. Matthew Patrick and Jennifer Hagen on some of the peri-traumatic issues with hip fractures.  Dr. Patrick is an orthopedic surgeon who did his residency at the University of Florida and then stayed on for a trauma fellowship and a shoulder/elbow fellowship.  His research interests include periprosthetic shoulder fracture, infected shoulder prosthesis, and multimodal pain control for orthopedic trauma.  Dr. Hagen completed residency at the University of Washington.  She then went on to complete a fellowhip at the great R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore followed by a fellowship in research over in Switzerland.  She has multiple publications regarding lower extremity and pelvic fractures, as well as, a research interest in improving the functional quality of life after orthopedic trauma.  I hope you find this month’s editorial as interesting as I did.

Why We Fix Hip Fractures? It’s Not Just Because There is a Fracture…

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