Why do we give cricoid pressure?

I can still remember as a fellow at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, how I was trained to give cricoid pressure.  At the time, I remember feeling slightly amused at the attentiveness to detail.  I also remember not wanting to mess up because it would become quickly obvious whether I was paying attention or not.  The other impression I had was that there was something sacred behind it.  That there are some very strong opinions on its appropriateness and its strengths.  Being a member of this society has given me a wide range of perspectives and opinions on the subject.  To be fair, I still religiously apply it.  Recently, I asked you all why you give cricoid pressure.  While THIS will by no means count as an extensive review on the subject, I thought a little light hearted skimming through the literature would possibly generate a few discussions.

I, Joshua Sappenfield attempt to graze the surface behind why we perform cricoid pressure.   I am currently at the University of Florida and have numerous research interests including trauma, simulation, and quality.  I am also looking forward to continuing to contribute to the care of the traumatically injured.

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