What is THOR?

No, there is no Mjolnir.  No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Marvel.  THOR stands for Traumatic Hemostasis and Oxygenation Research and the THOR network just had their Remote Damage Control Resuscitation symposium this summer.  Dr. Christos Koutentis was one of the lucky members of TAS that had the opportunity to attend this year and he has tried to keep us abreast by writing about his experience.

Dr. Koutentis completed an Anesthesia Residency at Cornell, and a Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship at Johns Hopkins in 2001.  After having his fill of cardiac and liver transplant cases, he went back and completed an MS in Epidemiology.  Since then, he has done research on dysnatraemia models and rates of correction of hyponatraemia  and has explored predictive modeling for Vasoplegia.  Hopefully you find his editorial as interesting as I did.

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