What is the PROper way to PAMPer your patient in the prehospital setting?

There is a lot of study and controversy around the early administration of plasma in the trauma setting.  Equally controversial is the addition of unstudied interventions into the prehospital setting.  Our hats are tipped to Sperry et al. who successfully conducted a study in this arena and were able to share their results on a peer-reviewed platform.  For those of you who didn’t read about the PAMPer study yet and would like the cliff notes version, Dr. Dante Yeh has written the editorial for you.

Dr. Yeh is a trauma and acute care surgeon at Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, FL and Associate Program Director for the General Surgery residency at the University of Miami Hospital / Jackson Memorial Hospital.  He started his surgical career at the University of Miami but completed trauma and critical care fellowships at UCSF.   He has over 97 peer-reviewed publications in his field and his research interests include surgical education and critical care nutrition.  Hopefully you find his contribution as interesting as I did.

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