What is PROPPR Care for Traumatic Brain Injury?

I can still remember patients being randomized for the PROPPR study as a fellow at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.  I was so excited to finally have a prospective randomized control trial that would answer the question on what the best transfusion ratio is in trauma.  Turns out, PROPPR is the study that is still giving.  One of our colleagues, Dr. Galvagno, was the first author on an article about a subset analysis in the PROPPR study on patients with Traumatic Brain Injury.  Dr.  Murray has stepped up to the plate to give us a short synopsis of the paper, as well as, a little commentary on how it fits in with everything else we know about hemorrhagic shock and traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Murray  is a retired Colonel of the US Army Reserves, Professor Emeritus at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, and current president of the Trauma Anesthesiology Society.  Not only has he been interested in trauma, but has played an active role in critical care medicine, and research involving nutrition and ARDS.


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