TAS Board of Directors Election Result

Dear Colleagues and Friends

I wanted to personally reach out to all of you and thank you very much for all your support for TAS over the past years! We have come a very long way – and we have far to go together!
I would like to summarize the 2016 votes for you:
For the Officers, we had 3 uncontested nominations.
President: Mike Murray
Vice President: Marc Steurer
Secretary/Treasurer: Arman Dagal
For the 3 board positions we had 5 candidates. We sent out the electronic vote via survey monkey (the links were unique and could only be used once, the raw data is with the nominating committee). 96 active members voted. The results were:
1st: Yvette Fouche (ST, Baltimore)
2nd: Catherine Heim (Lausanne, Switzerland)
3rd: Benn Lancman (UCSF)
4th: Uday Jain
5th: Oliver Radke
Please join me in welcoming our new members to TAS leadership!

See below for a summary of TAS leadership and an outlook for the next few years.


·         President: Mike Murray
·         VP: Marc Steurer
·         Secretary/Treasurer: Arman Dagal

Board of Directors

·         Yvette Fouche
·         Catherine Heim (Switzerland)
·         Benn Lancman
·         Maureen McCunn
·         JF Pittet
·         Jay McIsaac
·         Albert Varon
·         Evan Pivalizza
·         Chuck Smith

Past president

·         Josh Tobin

Non-voting members/invitees

·         Rick Dutton (as trauma section editor)
·         Carin Hagberg (as honorary member)


·         BoD
Next year we will have 3 board members up for election (between JF, Chuck, Albert, Maureen, Jay)
2018 we will have another 3 board members up for election (between the two left from above and Evan)
starting in 2019 we will be in a natural rhythm – 3y term ends for Fouche, Lancman, Heim
·         Officers
2 year terms – new elections in 2018
Thank all of you very much!
Marc Steurer, President TAS

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