Should we extubate patients with an open abdomen?

I am not sure where I picked it up, but I have always considered an open abdomen as a contraindication to extubation.  Taveras et al. has not only challenged my belief that an open abdomen is a contraindication to extubation, but has done the favor of educating me on the vernacular surrounding abdominal closure.  Turns out, it is possible to extubate a patient with an open abdomen.  Embarrassingly, I was a little off on what the definition of a temporary abdominal closure was.  If you feel so inclined, this months editorial  is a quick 5 minute read and may cause you to reconsider your practice.

This months editorial comes from yours truly, Joshua Sappenfield.  I hail from gator country where we see about 3600 trauma admissions.  I did a Trauma Anesthesiology Fellowship at R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.  I love to talk about Tranexamic Acid and coagulation.

Did this editorial cause you to reconsider your practice?

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