Should doctors be on a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service?

The most controversial and dividing topic in trauma, that I know about, is prehospital care.  Some part of this arena has come up at every trauma conference I have been to.  We have had editorial on supporting and against prehospital intubations, as well as, early ventilatory management in traumatic brain injury.  We even had an editorial about an ongoing prospective trial about “scoop and run” versus “stay and play” care for trauma patients.  Dr. Hendel has entered the fray to broach the subject about who makes up the ideal prehospital team.

Dr Simon Hendel is an anesthesiologist at The Alfred Hospital and a retrieval consultant in Victoria. His main interests are in trauma management, pre-hospital care and coordination. He has been an officer in the Australian Army reserve for the past decade where he is a military retrievalist and anesthesiologist. He has served with the Army in Afghanistan, Iraq and on domestic disaster relief operations. He also has an academic appointment with Monash University as an adjunct lecturer and co-cordinates the Monash Masters of Perioperative Medicine trauma module.


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