Should cervical spine MRI be used in management of patients with blunt trauma?

Have you wondered what value an MRI adds to evaluating trauma to the cervical spine?  I mean, haven’t CT Scans become detailed enough that when combined with a good clinical exam, you can identify all clinically relevant injuries?  Well this year, the results of the ReCONECT study have been published by Maung et al.  Dr. Michael Kaminsky, in this short editorial has done a great job of bringing up the relevant points to aide in your decision making.

Dr. Kaminsky is a recent graduate from the University of Florida Department of Anesthesiology for where he served as Chief Resident.  He has also served in an active duty capacity with the U.S. Navy, and continues in a reserve capacity.  After his Basic Surgery Internship has had training in hyperbaric medicine, undersea medicine, battlefield acupuncture, management of radiation accident victims, Combat Causality Care, and Emergency Preparedness.  During his service, he has received several awards and honors.  Over the next year, he will be continuing on at the University of Florida during his Acute Pain Fellowship.

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