How do you put the TEE in trauma?

I am sure many of you have used TEE in the setting of trauma.  I myself, frequently, get called to help a colleague out with TEE because of my certification.  It has great value with determining the etiology of hypotension in the operating room when a patient appears to be resuscitated and medical history is unobtainable.  However, did you know that TEE has also been found to be helpful in the trauma bay at not only diagnosing etiology by driving next steps for future care?  Dr. Reddy Devarapalli does a great job of showing one of the ways (click here!) TEE could contribute to the care of the traumatically injured.

Dr. Devarapalli is an anesthesiology consultant in Ocala FL.  He started his medical career as a family practitioner and general surgeon in India.   Since then, he moved on to an anesthesiology residency at Montefiore Medical Centre in the Bronx and has been Board Certified in Basic Transesophageal Echocardiography and a Testamur in Advanced Transesophageal Echocardiography.  Hopefully you find his contribution as interesting as I did.


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