How do you measure quality in trauma?

None of us probably question whether what we do for patients in the operating room has value.  In fact, most surgeries would not be possible right now if it weren’t for the advent of anesthesia.  The quality of our services, however, is somewhat hard to pin down.  How would you compare one anesthesiologist to another anesthesiologist?  Does the difference in providers change outcomes?  Is it even fair to really compare two separate providers since there is so many factors that affect outcomes perioperatively.
In steps Dr. Rick Dutton.  Who better to try to scratch the surface of such a challenging question than the Chief Quality Officer for the United States Anesthesia Partners.  Rick has also served as the Chief Quality Officer for the ASA with the AQI, the Director of Trauma Anesthesiology at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, and the United States Navy.  Hopefully you find his contribution just as interesting as I did.


  1. commenter img Chris Bleeker3 years ago

    Well stated the last few sentences. I will echo these in my next presentation on the role of anaesthesia in the ER.
    The patients needs dictate what doctor he needs: does the attending anaesthetist fill this profile? More important: does the group trauma anaesthetists provide a constant reliable presence/attendance en adequate level of care coupled with knowledge needed by the patient? This is our journey towards being a partner in trauma.


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