Do Emergency Medicine physicians treat procedural sedation differently?

Procedural sedation is a low hanging fruit for all kinds of controversy.  One of the touchy points is how different areas of the hospital may have different guidelines for what is appropriate.  This month, Josh Sappenfield skims the surface on the guidelines for Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology in this editorial.  He doesn’t even begin to discuss how hospital administrators should approach hospital policies regarding the conflict, which could be an editorial in itself.

Josh Sappenfield hails from the University of Florida and is the trauma liaison for his department there.  His interest in trauma started during his surgical internship where he took care of patients in  level-1 trauma center in the midwest.  He later completed an anesthesiology residency at the University of Maryland, and stayed on for a trauma anesthesiology fellowship at R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.  He continues to care for the traumatic injured and vested in several research studies revolving around their care.

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