Back to the Future: Whole Blood for Trauma Resuscitation

All this talk about prehospital plasma is engaging.  A lot of time and effort has been put into studying and administering plasma prior to arrival to the trauma bays.  However, what if something new came along that made prehospital plasma antiquated?  What if before prehospital plasma hits mainstream and is universally adopted all over the world, something derails that train?  Well move over prehospital plasma, welcome whole blood.  There is a lot of evidence to suggest that whole blood is superior to component therapy for the traumatically injured, and now it is being put on ambulances in Texas.  And who better to talk about this, than our very own Dr. Rick Dutton.

Dr. Dutton is the Chief Quality Officer for US Anesthesia Partners.  Rick has also served as the Chief Quality Officer for the ASA, were he was founding Director of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, and was the Director of Trauma Anesthesiology at R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center after service in the United States Navy.  Hopefully you find his contribution just as interesting as I did.


  1. commenter img Evan Pivalizza2 years ago

    Thanks Rick for the thought-provoking editorial. It is satisfying to see emerging reports of successful civilian implementation of WB strategies following on positive experience in military scenarios. Close partnering with blood suppliers (Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center here in Houston, lead by John Holcomb and Bryan Cotton) as well as cooperation and stewardship of your own facility blood bank pathologists is imperative to maintain appropriate use criteria and avoid waste of the precious WB resource as we gain experience and safety and efficacy data.


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