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Welcome to the Trauma Anesthesiology Society (TAS) website. We hope you find it to be a source of beneficial information about TAS and, more importantly, about how to improve the care of patients who have sustained traumatic injury. Since our Society was founded in 2010 our mission has been to enhance the art and science of trauma anesthesiology and related fields though education and research. To accomplish this mission, TAS has instituted several initiatives. We publish a monthly editorial on this site addressing topics of current interest, authored by individuals with national, if not international, reputations. Our research committee provides a forum for those who want to survey the Society’s members for insights about the practice of trauma anesthesiology. For a less formal approach, e.g. to answer a clinical question more quickly, TAS provides a forum to post these questions to the entire membership. I am always impressed by the number and quality of enthusiastic responses, many from our international members, that such questions generate. These responses bear testimony to our members’ commitment to TAS’ mission. Furthermore, because these discussions have been so well received we are making the archive searchable so that members can identify questions of interest and their respective posted answers. We are also collaborating with other organizations to improve the education and training of all anesthesia providers in trauma anesthesiology, to increase the number of fellowships in trauma anesthesiology, and to generate interest among the next generation of anesthesia providers in the practice of trauma anesthesiology and in TAS. As TAS continues to mature, we want to increase our members’ participation in the Society’s committees, to provide further structure to the policies and procedures of the organization, to develop guidelines for the practice of trauma anesthesiology, and to increase our support for research. We hope that you agree that these are exciting times for our Society and that this website meets your needs. If you are not already a TAS member, we encourage you to consider joining our efforts to improve the care of patients who have sustained traumatic injury receive. If you have ideas on how we can improve this website or enhance TAS’s mission, please e-mail me at with your suggestions.

Mission Statement

Trauma to this day remains one of the leading causes of premature mortality and disability around the globe, representing a substantial burden on our society. The Trauma Anesthesiology Society seeks to advance the art and science of trauma anesthesiology and all related fields through education and research.

2016-2017 Leadership


Michael Murray

Vice president

Marc Steurer


Arman Dagal

Past president

Josh Tobin


Josh Tobin

Non-Voting Members

Rick Dutton

Carin Hagberg


Yvette Fouche
Catherine Heim (Switzerland)
Benn Lancman

Maureen McCunn
Jay McIsaac

JF Pittet
Evan Pivalizza

Charles Smith
Albert Varon



Uday Jain -Chair (Alameda)

Peter Dunbar (UW)

Richard Flowerdew
Jay McIsaac (Conn)
Mike Murray (Ariz)
Joshua Sappenfield


Joshua Sappenfield -Chair (UF)
Theresa Sappenfield


Charles Smith -Chair (MH)
Albert Varon (Ryder)
Sam Galvagno (ST)
Josh Tobin (UCLA)


Holger Baumann (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Katharina Heim (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Matthias Helm (Ulm, Germany)

Mass Casualty

Jay McIsaac -Chair (Conn)
Charles Smith (MH)
Bert Pierce (UAB)
Gaston Costa
Uday Jain (Alameda)

Meeting & CME

Bert Pierce -Chair (UAB)
Uday Jain (Alameda)
JF Pittet (UAB)
Marc Steurer (UCSF)


Olga Kaslow -Chair (MCW)
Chuck Gilmore (UTH)
JF Pittet (UAB)
Nadav Sheffy (UW)
Maureen McCunn (UMM)


JF Pittet -Chair (UAB)
Sam Galvano (ST)
Bert Pierce (UAB)
Evan Pivalizza (UTH)
Charles Smith (MH)
Jeff Simmons (UAB)
Itay Bentov (UW)


Benn Lancman -Chair (UCSF)
Tony Chang (Seattle)


Susan Yoo -Chair (UCSF)
Catherine Heim (U Lausanne, Switzerland)
Christopher Maani (Army)
Tiffany Moon (UTSW)
Joshua Sappenfield (UF)


Arman Dagal -Chair (UW)
Carin Hagberg (UTH)
Uday Jain (Alameda)
Jay McIsaac (Conn)
John Bramhall (UW)


Honorary Lifetime Members

Hagberg, Carin
Marks, Jim

Founding Members

Hagberg, Carin
Beaman, Shawn
Chandler, Mark
Chapman, Niel
Clark, Jerry
Dagal, Arman
Diez, Christian
Dutton, Richard
Franklin, Keith
Gillihan, Jason
Gilmore, Clarence

Founding Members

Grabinsky, Andreas
Jain, Uday
Kaslow, Olga

Maani, Christopher

McCunn, Maureen
McIsaak, Joseph
Miller, Andrew
Murray, Michael
Nedeff, Nicholas
Novikov, Maxim
O’Byrne, William
Panaro, Stephen

Founding Members

Pierce, Albert
Pittet, Jean-Francois
Pivalizza, Evan
Pouliot, Ryan
Sappenfeld, Joshua
Smith, Charles
Steurer, Marc
Stephens, Christopher
Tobin, Joshua
Varon, Albert
Vavilala, Monica
Wahlen, Bianca

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Bylaws, March 2014

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